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ALU (aluminium)

LPS ALU PIX is used for protection of edges of the gypsum-plasterboard and fibre-reinforced gypsum structures

High resistance, low weight, simple and quick construction process.

LPS ALU PIX - the perforated bead is the aluminium protective element of the dry construction, protection of the gypsum-plasterboard system edges, provided with the pixeled surface for a better adhesion of the compound sealants. The way of assembly and application are similar with those of the usual smooth corner beads.

Pixeling perforation specification:
The corner bead is rolled and the pixeling perforation originates by imprint of the roller. Advantage of the pixeling perforation is a better adhesion of sealants and mechanical breaking of strain in material, because of this there is no subsequent deformation of the corner bead.

Name Order number Unit pack
Unit pack
LPS ALU PIX 23x23x0.3/2000 V 584 100 001-PIX 200 400 44 17600 23x23x0.3
LPS ALU PIX 23x23x0.3/2500 V 584 100 002-PIX 200 500 44 22000 23x23x0.3
LPS ALU PIX 23x23x0.3/2600 V 584 100 026-PIX 200 520 44 22800 23x23x0.3
LPS ALU PIX 23x23x0.3/2750 V 584 100 020-PIX 200 550 44 24200 23x23x0.3
LPS ALU PIX 23x23x0.3/2800 V 584 100 008-PIX 200 560 44 24640 23x23x0.3
LPS ALU PIX 23x23x0.3/3000 V 584 100 003-PIX 200 600 44 26400 23x23x0.3
LPS ALU PIX 23x23x0.35/2000 V 584 100 011-PIX 200 400 44 17600 23x23x0.35
LPS ALU PIX 23x23x0.35/2500 V 584 100 012-PIX 200 500 44 22000 23x23x0.35
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