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About us

Styroprofile, a.s. Bruntál

The company  Styroprofile is a sister company of  Styrotrade a.s the largest manufacturer of polystyrene foam in the Czech Republic.

In the complex with an area of 47,000 square meters is manufacturing center, technology  and building profiles development, business department, logistics center and service technologies.

The company is a Czech manufacturer of accessories for ETICS (Thermal insulation composite insulation system), drywall construction, plaster profiles,  edging profiles of  roof windows and structures for shading technique.

Styroprofile company offers professional customer service, training and presentation in the field of accessories for thermal insulation systems and drywall construction.

Production capacity and modern technology enable us to meet any requirements on the amount while maintaining high quality and short delivery times.

The quality of service and products offered by us is our priority. All of our products comply with the relevant technical specifications of EU countries and  have strict  internal inspection control  and control of independent certified institutions.

Production program:

  • Accessories for insulation systems ETICS
  • Gypsum construction
  • Aluminum and plastic profiles for plasterboard
  • Plaster profiles
  • Balcony profiles
  • Protection of utilities
  • Accessories for shielding technique
  • Manufacturing and designing special purpose machines
  • Production of tools for plastic extrusion
  • Cutting sheet metal

About us
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