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ALU (Aluminium)

LPUS ALU CE  is used for protection of edges of gypsum-plasterboard and fibre-reinforced gypsum structures

 High resistance
 Low weight
 Simple and quick construction process

LPUS  ALU is the corner bead necessary for assembly of the gypsum plasterboard system. The LPUS  ALU profile is the assembly component of the gypsum plasterboard system, which protects edges and joints of the gypsum plasterboard plates. It is produced according to harmonised standard EN 14353:2007+A1:2010. This European standard defines properties and requirements for metallic corner beads, intended for application in the system of the gypsum-plasterboard and gypsum plates. The required properties are reaction to fire and bending tension strength according to European testing methods. The aluminium material used has the minimum thickness of 0.4 mm and the wing sizes according to type of product is 23 mm or 25 mm. The above properties have been verified by the independent testing facility - VÚPS  - certifikační společnost s.r.o. thus the product satisfies all parameters of the harmonised standard EN 14353:2007+A1:2010. Because of  this  product may be assigned the CE mark.   

Name Order number Unit pack
Unit pack
LPUS ALU CE 23x13x0.4 V 587 999 000 CE 200 * * 44 23
LPUS ALU CE 25x11x0.4 V 587 998 000 CE 200 * * 44 25

* Length of profile × amount in pack

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