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LOS ALU 0.5 base profile

ALU (Aluminium)

Base profile is used for horizontal foundation of thermal insulation boards. The LOS section comprises the drip section, which will guarantee water dripping in vertical direction from the bottom part of the ETICS.

• Protection of bottom part of the ETICS against mechanical damage
• Additional necessary materials at the LOS application are the spacers,  Connection piece LOS and hammer-on wall plugs.
• To increase water outlet in vertical direction, it is suitable to use the click-on LTO or LTO UNI section.

nazev obj_cislo baleni_ks baleni_m na_palete_ks na_palete_m tl_izolantu_mm
LOS ALU – 23 0,5 mm/2,0 m na dotaz 10 20 2700 135 20

Příslušenství pro ETICS/str6+7 1

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