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Profiling tools

profilovací nářadí2

Profiling tools

Styroprofile, Inc. is a reliable partner to produce quality profiling tool according to your requirements. Our workers through their experience in the production of profiles can give you valuable advice when developing your profiles. Perform economic and technological evaluation of different variants of production, allowing you to choose the most effective. In the last stage of the process is precisely defines the desired shape and size profile. Determine the required tolerance of the most important dimensions with respect to the intended use.

Profiling rollers

Using CAD system computer performs a project that will be corrected with regard to the practical and extensive experience with profiling. These experiences form the basis of know-how of our company and are available to you. The profiling rollers are manufactured on modern CNC machines from high quality high grade steel, heat treated. In some cases, the surfaces of rollers further chemical-heat treated. This achieves better klusných surface properties and increase cylinder life. The final stage is also carried out rigorous testing of cylinders with the specified material of the profile. Final examinations are carried out with the direct participation of the customer. All cylinders are uniquely identified by their name. If necessary, carry out a repair cylinders or manufacture new ones. Also cylinders are possible adjustments induced by changing the shape of the profile.

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