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Device for forming and coating films

tvarovani a polepovani folii1

Device for forming and coating films TPF - 01

Used for the assembly of films with double sided tape on one or both sides. Thus, the foil is assembled by a cutting device and cut to the desired length. With heating foil strip is in place for future upload and bend and  folded by staff. It is then inserted beneath a stop bending deflection strip, which will firmly hold motion.

The working area should be dry and free of dust and qualify for ordinary environment according to Art. 3.1, as specified in regulation IEC 364 - 3. Working conditions for the device are ambient temperature - +10 to + 35C, altitude 1000 m and max. humidity 95% at 25C.


Technical parameters:

Diameter roll of film : max. 400 mm
Width roll of film : 150 - 250 mm
Weight roll of film : max. 25 kg
Roll diameter tape : max. 150 mm
Width of the roll of adhesive tape : 8 - 24 mm
Power consumption devices : 250 W
Device weight (without superstructure): 240 kg
Unit dimensions (LxWxH) : 2600 x 850 x 1200

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