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Reveal bead STYRO PVC

PVC (Polyvinylchloride) + polyurethane expansion joint foam + fibre-glass mesh VERTEX

Reveal bead PVC STYRO with mesh is used for dilating connections between door or window frames and the ETICS system. During the plaster application of doors and windows frames these openings will not get dirty or demage.

Joint between the plaster and frames without cracks
Professional finishing with a high-quality esthetical and functional detail
Protection of window frames in the application of plaster


Name Order number Unit pack
Unit pack
Mesh overlap
Reveal bead STYRO PVC/1400 V 577 100 001 50 70 30 2,1 100
Reveal bead STYRO PVC/1600 V 577 100 002 50 80 30 2,4 100
Reveal bead STYRO PVC/2100 V 577 100 004 50 105 30 3,15 100
Reveal bead STYRO PVC/2400 V 577 100 000 50 120 30 3,6 100
Reveal bead STYRO PVC/3000 V 577 100 003 30 90 40 3,6 100

11Installation instructions for the reveal beads:

1. Clean the frame from the protective cover, dust and other contaminants. Stick the reveal bead with a foam expansion strips on the frame close to the insulation.


2. On the cover lath stick the protective film to prevent dirt and damage to the frame during the application of reinforcement layers of plaster.

3. Apply reinforcement plaster on the insulation and press the fibreglass mesh into the plaster.

4. After applying the plaster remove the protective foil with a snap-off lath.


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