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KZ cable conduits


KZ cable conduits

Offer mechanical protection for cables, optical cable ducts and other underground utility cable systems. The protected cables can be easily and positively identified and the system can be relined with new cables repeatedly.




KZ cable conduits are manufactured through extrusion:
• from recyclable PVC
• with internal widths from 100 mm to 200 mm (+/- 2mm)
• with internal heights from 100 mm to 140 mm (+/- 2mm)
• wall thickness 5.4 mm (+0.2 mm) • conduit length of 1.2 m (+/- 3 mm)
• with a connector that makes it possible to connect two or more conduits
• in a variety of top colours according to use (such as red)
• content description printed in black


KZ cable conduits are characterized by the following properties:
• lifetime of at least 30 years when installed underground
• firm, easy-to-remove top
• temperature range for handling from -25°C to up to 70°C
• content description does not wear or fade over the entire lifetime of the product
• non-absorbent, not easily flammable (ČSN class B3), inert and fully recyclable


KZ cable conduits come standard in lengths of 1.0, 1.2 and 2.0 metres with a red top and description printed in black “POZOR, ELEKTRICKÝ KABEL!” (Czech for “Caution, electric cable”). Conduits can also be supplied with different top colours or customized text according to the customer’s needs.

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