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KAD covers panel



KAD covers panel

KAD cover panels offer mechanical protection for underground cable and pipe systems, replacing brick, tile and concrete block cable protectors. Compared to older cable protection technology, the KAD panels allow the user to easily and positively identify the protected cables.




KAD cover panels are made:
• from recyclable PVC material or LDPE, HDPE
• with reinforced lengthwise grooves
• in widths from 125 mm to 300 mm (+/- 2 mm)
• in thicknesses from 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm (+/- 0.2 mm) - panel length 1 m (+/- 3 mm)
• with lengthwise connection locks 
• in a variety of colours according to use (red, blue, yellow)
• content description printed in black


KAD cover panels are characterized by the following properties:
• lifetime of at least 30 years when installed underground
• high level of elasticity
• temperature range for handling from -25°C to up to 60°C - Content description does not wear or fade over the entire lifetime of the product
• non-absorbent, inert and fully recyclable

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